The Sakk is designed to fit all camera sizes, the setups in the images consist of Sony FX9, RED Raptor, Canon C70 & Sony FX6

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We reached out to our customers across Australia, heres what they had to say...

why do i need a sakk?

A camera saddle is a versatile, lightweight camera support system offering stability and customisation for a variety of shooting scenarios. Its soft, pliable material conforms to your camera, providing a secure, vibration-free platform, reducing shake & vibration. It's portable design can be quickly set up and adjusted to fit your specific camera and equipment needs. It is an essential investment for photographers and filmmakers looking to capture high-quality footage on the go.


SAKK Camera Saddle

The SAKK Camera Saddle is industry ready, no matter your filming location or situation. Adding its 3rd point of stability makes it a go to for all handheld shots, covering TVC's, weddings, corporate and more.

How can I use my SAKK?